Monday, September 29, 2008

'The Benedict Effect ' II: - Aidan Nichols O.P.

ALERT: All PPL members and commnenters:

Please read Aidan Nichols' article published in 'New Blackfriars', edited by the English Dominicans. (Sept. 2008):

'Archi-Liturgical Culture Wars'

On 'New Liturgical Movement' and flagged by 'Forest Murmurs'. Thanks to both and for adding photographs.

In Christo pro Papa,



Confiteor said...

I haven't had time to read Nichols' long article, but the images are stunning.

Pope Benedict XVI is a theologian with an eye for beauty. See, for instance, his essay "Wounded by the Arrow of Beauty: The Cross and the New 'Aesthetics' of Faith" in On the Way to Jesus Christ.

Speaking of Benedict the theologian:

Jane said...


The articles are stacking up but I can tell you that it's the first time in forty years that this haa happened in my own actual experience and I know at whose feet (after Christ's of course) I should lay my gratitude.

Thanks for the link. Will look now and be in touch tomorrow.

God bless,

In Christo pro Papa,