Thursday, September 25, 2008

News from the Vatican; rumour from England and Wales: "Be not afear'd the isle is full of noises...''

My French media analysis has had to be interrupted because of news from Rome and the rumours that are rife in England and Wales about the possible appointment of yet more 'magic circle' bishops there, including the most important one, that of Westminster.

I have heard of at least one priest who says he knows who will be elevated to Westminster, but we will have to wait another couple of months for the announcement. One has to ask oneself WHY the delay if the decision has been irrevocably made. I think the priest's claim is based more on what he hopes and thinks may happen, given what he apparently knows about certain influential lobbies of interest. Call me, if you like, naive and simplistic in my trust of our Holy Father but these people have not beaten him yet, much as they would appear to be trying.

I assume that our 'modernist' bishops still pray their Office daily. St Augustine has been talking to us for about a fortnight on thc characteristics and pastoral duties of good bishops. Why does there seem to be little evidence of ours having understood the strictures of this great saint, who is followed so devotedly by our Holy Father Benedict?

THE NEWS FROM ROME IS ON: New appointments mark bold papal move for liturgical reform.

Please read this. Basicallly it reports that Benedict has sacked all the liturgical advisors he inherited from the Piero Marini era (not to be confused with Guido, the present papal MC).

I leave you tonight with two quotations, both from Shakespeare's Henry IV Pt II. First on rumour:

'Rumour is a pipe
Blown by surmises, jealousies, conjectures,
And of so easy and so plain a stop
That the blunt monster with uncounted heads,
The still-discordant wavering multitude,
Can play upon it.'

But this one I love even more because it could have been said by Benedict to himself and to God:

'I speak of peace, while covert emnity
Under the smile of safety wounds the world.'

God bless,

In Christo pro Papa,



Grigori said...

Dear Jane,

I hope you are right.

I will keep praying for our Holy Father and hope that God will guide him to make the right decision.

My situation has suddenly changed somewhat - within the last 24 hours in fact. I am not sure if it is for good or ill yet. Perhaps I can communicate that via the other means.

I have sent an, albeit short, e-mail as requested and hope that it gets through.

God bless you et les chats.

In Christo pro Papa,


Confiteor said...


Please note that Br. David at Pro Papa V Eremitorium Sancti Brunonis will be accumulating a rich spiritual bouquet for the Holy Father during a contemplative retreat next week. More details posted on Br. David's blog-ship.

Jane said...

Dear Grigori,

Very glad to have had news from you. Will check emails. Tudorbanana (our friend from that other well known blog! for whose address you have been waiting)is looking out for you and I'll probably hear from that source later on today. By all means please communicate with me by the emails, both of which are totally discreet and confidential.

Tudor Banana and I have already had two very lengthy and important conversations which I suspect may bear fruit.

Watch this space and I'll get back to you here as necessary, or in the private inlet of email.

God bless you and thanks for the prayers. There was nobody else in the catfood aisle so I was able to concentrate on you!

In Christo pro Papa,


Confiteor said...

Please see my latest post on the Flagship. I am completely bewildered by Papa's recent decisions relating to the upcoming synod of bishops.

We need to pray that Papa receives the gift of discernment in greater abundance.

Maybe I'm missing something here. If my concerns are unwarranted, please let me know.

Confiteor said...


Thank you so much for your comment on the Flagship. It was immensely helpful.

While I've never been a formal adherent of the SSPX, I have until recently been under the sway of their ideology. Lately the example of the F.Ss.R. (formerly the Transalpine Redemptorists) has done much to change my thinking. Every now and then, however, those polemical knives begin to glint in the dim light of some ambiguous statement or report. I can't help myself and stand in need of intercessory prayer.

Regarding my comment on Pro Papa USA yesterday, I should probably be mindful that not every utterance of Pope St. Pius X, including isolated statements from the encyclical Pascendi, bears the seal of infallibility. It is probably unfair of me to pick out those statements and compare them to equally isolated statements by Pope Benedict XVI and draw inferences about Papa's alleged modernism. It's a bad habit, which is why I had to actually throw my SSPX books in the trash bin a couple of months ago. I am loathe to treat books so cruelly, yet union with the person of the Holy Father is more important.

Again, many thanks for your insightful comment. God bless!

Oh, and please add a decade and the Fatima prayer ("Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins ..") as my contribution to the spiritual bouquet pro Papa.

Jane said...



mot.des.gousses isn't working properly.


In Christo pro Papa,


Prima said...


I saw the news about the liturgical committee and the sacking of the old guard. This will speed up liturgical reform!

All the best.

Confiteor said...


In answer to your question, I would be happy if you posted your replies to "Papa, why?" here on your blog. I think that your insights would be helpful to others like me who are tempted to apply the SSPX "hermeneutic of suspicion" to every word and deed of the Holy Father.

Thanks again and God bless!