Saturday, September 20, 2008

Why another Tradcat. Blog?


Because I am convinced there is room for a blog that will be in total support of our Holy Father Benedict, grounded in the continual prayer of its owner and readers. Thus it will be seen as following Benedict's own theology of prayer-grounded apostolic action. The blog itself is evidence of this and I hope it may lead to sensible, patient, diplomatic and fruitful networking (according to the model shown by the LMS of England and Wales) in furthering His Holiness' entire vision for the Church, which as I understand it has the Blessed Sacrament and worthy celebration of the liturgy at its heart. It is because the Church has lost this emphasis and banished her Lord to the side-chapels, literally and as a result spiritually, that people no longer understand what they are doing, or rather not doing. Benedict is leading us back to the Fountainhead. He is having a struggle, and not so much with the mass of the faithful, who during the recent trip to France, showed themselves very willing to hang on his every word and learn from him.

This rationale, on which I'm bound to elaborate in later posts, does not preclude constructive debate about his attitudes and actions, but it WILL preclude any intransigent bitterness or impatience on the part of those who declare themselves loyal to Traditionalism. It WILL most definitely preclude destructive criticism and/or downright detraction of His Holiness. This is no place for sedevacantists. There are plenty of other blogs/sites where their attitudes can be confronted. (All comments will be moderated according to the above principles.)

So, we start with prayer and this blog wants to foster and store up a treasury of prayer and penance for our Holy Father's well-being and for his intentions, as in the sense of a spiritual bouquet. This I will send to him by email and snail mail at the beginning of each month. (I will post further details of how this will work in the very near future.)

On these foundations I will base my blog. In the next post I will answer the question as to its title I chose to give it. In the meantime, for those not already familiar, may I recommend without reservation the blog of Fr Mark Kirby: Vultus Christi, for 'deep vein' spiritual sustenance and his article, 'The Sacred Heart in the Theology of Benedict XVI'. The latter is easily found by googling and it's probably somewhere in his blog archive. Also for those who don't already know, the video 'The Papacy of Reason ' is to be found at kto TV and as far as I'm concerned is essential viewing. So are the videos of all the Holy Father' homilies, meditations and speeches during the recent French visit. English translations are of course all over the www. But there's nothing like studying the expressions on Pope Benedict's face, and on those of the other dramatis personae. ...... For one thing, my gut feeling and certainly my prayer is that we may see a Cardinal Archbishop Perrier of Tarbes/Lourdes!

In Christo et pro Papa......

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Confiteor said...


Congratulations on the successful launch of PPL Armada Corvette!

The stated compass reading of your blog-ship is in perfect alignment with the steady course of the PPL Armada. Let us sail onward!

Having offered to the Lord a good day's battle in the narrow straits of the Rorate Caeli blog, it is now past midnight and I'm ready to retire -- however, not before finding 'The Sacred Heart in the Theology of Benedict XVI' on Vultus Christi. Hopefully I can read it and post some comments soon on Pro Papa I.

God bless!