Saturday, September 27, 2008

Episcopal UK attempt to suppress trad. cath. blogs

There are some grounds for believing that this may be true. It is actually quite old news and has been resurrected for another airing, unless of course there have been further attempts on the trad. blogosphere. It is currently being discussed on Damian Thompson's blog 'Holy Smoke' (Daily Telegraph UK). Some of the comments might send you running for the hills but Damian's original post is well worth reading. One commenter suggested that bloggers should apply for an imprimatur to save themselves from extinction. Some of the remarks are well considered and sensible. Recommend you have a look if you're in US and don't know the blog. Damian Thompson cannot be too outspoken in any case because he is a leader writer on the Telegraph and also Editor-in-chief of the Catholic Herald UK. UK readers will of course know this. I include these details for any readers from the other side of the pond who may not.

In pro Christo pro Papa,


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Confiteor said...

The last line of Thompson's post is priceless:

Traditionalist blog posts are like hand grenades thrown into the headquarters of Futurechurch. Magic Circlers, having grown up in the 1960s, tend to have a romantic view of guerilla wars of liberation. Let's see how they cope with being on the receiving end of one...

LOL! I love it. Thompson is brilliant.