Saturday, September 27, 2008

For Flagship (Confiteor)/Armada Captains/ In celebration of repelling piratical boarding party!

Thanks to all shipmates. Am overjoyed that our united efforts have successfully repelled this minor assault on our Flagship and its Commander. All now safe as we sail steadily ahead in support of Peter's holy Barque!

To join me in celebration go to


Google 'Eternal Father Strong to Save and go to cyberhymnal

Here you will find the words, music (audio) and history of the famous British and US Navy hymn. It is also the official march of the British Royal Navy. I'm sorry about the tinny sound of In Christo Pro BXVI's ship's piano (Sea water must have got into it during recent skirmish) and the fact that ship's pianist is somewhat carried away with the emotion of the occasion! When we next put into port, I'll try to find something more Gregorian or 'Benedictine'.

Have you noticed how the word Benedictine is creeping into the media in the sense of describing anything to do with Papa? A sign he really is making an impact on public consciousness.

To stir our determination even further, here are the words of 'Heart of Oak' a famous British sea shantie. Ship's sheet music has been temporarily mislaid.

"Come cheer up my lads,
'Tis to glory we steer
To add something more
To this wonderful year.
To honour we call you
As freemmen, not slaves
For who are so free
As the sons of the waves.

Heart of oak are our ships
Heart of oak are our men.
We always are ready
Steady, boys, steady!
We'll fight and we'll conquer,
Again and again:

In Chriso pro Papa,



Confiteor said...

Thank you, Jane!

In return, please visit the Flagship to find a couple of surprises:

The latest post.

Something musical in the right sidebar ... scroll down to find the image of Christ calming the stormy sea.

God bless!

Prima said...

Hey Jane,

This is cool. Thank you! I have noticed the word "Benedictine" quite a lot - agree with you. Papa Benedetto is a true successor to St. Benedict.

Jane said...


Yea, maybe there are a few formerly benighted souls who now realise the word refers to more than a liqueur,or even to a Monastic Order and its holy founder.!

Seriously, I came over in goosebumps when Papa announced his choice of name. It's a reaction I have, and then I know something's afoot. The point here is that it was all so unexpected, - Papa's election in the first place seemed to me nothing short of a miracle and then that name .....

People probably thought he would or should, be JPIII, but no, even though he was close to his predecessor, he knew he must be his own man....I'm sure you'll understand without my further elaboration.

I don't wish to be apocalyptic, but I do feel that God has given us this wise, holy Pope teacher and shepherd at the eleventh hour.
A man He has been shaping and training for the task since Joseph Ratzinger reached the age of Faith and reason.(And Faith and reason are the operative words.)

You know the photograph, I'm sure, taken when Papa was about 8-10 years old. Look at those eyes then, look at them now. The body came to manhood, the brain developed extra-ordinarily, but the light in the eyes is the same now as it was then.

I believe that Papa is truly a second Benedict. The first moulded Europe, this second will remould it. But because of this, the Powers of Darkness will exert all their might to confound him.

And that is why I seek all the prayers for him that we can muster.

Well, it's been a good and long day, but it's late now and time to lay the head on the pillow!

God bless and please keep up inter-ship contact,

Apols for any typos,

In Christo pro Papa,


Confiteor said...


In reply to your question about an honorary chaplain for the Pro Papa League, we in fact already have one. He is a holy and kind Traditional priest who is very much aware of our efforts, yet he wishes to remain anonymous. Be assured that Father's prayers and Masses are offered on our behalf and, more importantly, on behalf of Pope Benedict XVI.

Jane said...


Thanks, that is so comforting to know. Will you be letting all know we have spiritual strength flowing to us from an anonymous holy priest.

But perhaps more appropriately and more simply - Could we not just say that the League has adopted Fr Mark's blog as a source of continual spiritual nourishment. I'm keen to find a way of encouraging everyone who comes on our blogs and the blog captains themselves in the reading and spreading the word about Fr Mark's blog. Going to it is like going into retreat for as long as you can afford in each busy day. It's a good habit to form to go into this stillness each day, and becomes second nature, rather as does the praying of the Divine Office. I

Did you see in alerts box I'd found a Credo III on YouTube.

Ill put this comment in alerts box in case you miss it here.

God bless,

In Chriso pro Papa,


Confiteor said...


I agree wholeheartedly about Fr. Mark's blog. I will post an announcement on the Flagship later today that we have adopted Vultus Christi as a source of spiritual sustenance to the League. I might also mention our anonymous priest friend who is praying for us.

Re: Credo III ... saw your alert, but not sure what that is? Can you please post a link and an explanation on TOFC?

Thanks and God bless,

Jane said...


Thanks about Fr Mark and our anonymous priest I'm sure Papa will understand his need for anonymity

Go to YouTube Credo III

You'll find a video recording of Credo III most well known universally, at a full TLM in Detroit I think

Thougt it would be good on the Flagship sidebar as a rallying Gregorian chant call

God Bless

In Christo pro Papa