Sunday, June 26, 2011

Catholics! Mind your language! Pt 1

I'm not talking about the new/corrected version of the English Missal, nor about the ongoing battle to save Latin in the liturgy of the Church.
I'm talking about deliberately watered down or sloppy inaccurate language in everyday Catholic speech, (e.g.'loyal dissent', 'division' , a priest 'presides' at Mass etc.) and about peculiarly constructed episcopal announcements, that say one thing whilst clearly intending to effect the opposite. ( No Communion rails at Westminster, but kneeling for Communion is a free choice.) I've posted this tonight just to let you know that I've been thinking about this matter for some time, to be precise, since Martin Mosebach's interview with Die Welt on May 23rd. (Full text of interview on Rorate Caeli May30th)

Visitors from Tasmania will preclude posting until Thursday. Part 2 then, DV.

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