Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ZENIT - Aide: Benedict XVI Lived True "Priestly Life"

ZENIT - Aide: Benedict XVI Lived True "Priestly Life"
Bad headline. Use of the past tense careless and unsuitable. Fr Lombardi did not employ it
HAS LIVED please


pelerin said...

That is bad and I see that it has not yet been corrected.

What is it about those in the Vatican who translate into English? (I read somewhere that Jacques Maritain said that 'in the English version of the Mass there are more than 400 errors of translation from the Latin) I see the French headline on Zenit is better without using a verb. The English headline must have made readers' hearts skip a beat.

Jane said...

Pelerin: On this occasion I think the fault lies with the Zenit headline writer, not with the Vatican itself. I think Zenit operates independently of the Holy See (Perhaps another reader could verify this.)Anyway I think that whoever wrote this one doesn't understand the subtle difference between 'lived' and 'has lived'. You're right, my heart certainly missed a beat!