Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The most important moment of my life - Sixty years ago, 29 June 1951, Joseph Ratzinger was ordained a priest

The most important moment of my life - Sixty years ago, 29 June 1951, Joseph Ratzinger was ordained a priest


Genty said...

Spot on.
The picture says so much. That in the middle of clamour, the interiority of the Pope shines through.
His gaze waivers neither right nor left. It is always focused on his Lord. It was the same during his UK visit.
His lack of self-consciousness or concern about the impression he might be making is the template for all priests.

Michael said...

I encouraged Shaun of "Catholic with Attitude" blog to submit a post to the Guild to celebrate his graduation. He did this (see his blog) so where is it?
He is "discerning a possible religious vocation" at present. Let us support his enthusiasm. Please can you check with Dylan.

Jane said...

Michael I will draw Dylan's attention to this by email this evening. Do please let me know if there's anything further I can do. I presume Shawn is on the list of possible contributors to the Guild blog and therefore has access to its dashboard.

Michael said...

Please check out the Guild's comment's today.
What is going on there? After your efforts in Rome with Dylan,I want to see the blog succeed.It needs a reliable editor, cooperation and a single address for contributions.
Please can Shaun come home to see his post displayed.

Michael said...

Jane. One single address for contributions should be under the "How to Join" button on the Guild.
If you contact Dylan please suggest it is his email address.
I cannot encourage young bloggers if they have no reliable contact to contribute to the archive.
Thank you for your help. A mixed blog is a great idea if we can get over egos!

Anonymous said...

The following has been sent to two blogs I follow. I copy it to you as there is a reference on one to a new female editor which I wonder may be you.
I wish you well and will continue to support the Guild, the original collective blog:
I have followed the birth pangs and subsequent growth of the Guild project eager that it will be an inclusive, charitable association having been repelled by the venom and infighting of much of the Catholic blogosphere.
I aired my concern that women were represented in Rome and they were. I have examined the posts and comments of the originator of the idea and found nothing but charity and good-will to all including the woman who now feels aggrieved.
I saw reluctance by some, including those involved with the other blog in question and concern at the photograph of the first London meeting showing mainly men but ALL were welcome, All invited.

This is not a competition. The second blog could have been delayed. Why even the picture was changed to be more inclusive!
I am delighted the women's blog is successful but the object was a collective blog for all.
I thank those who were at the Rome Blogmeet and ask forgiveness for any who sought to compete with your efforts.

Extract from a post by the blog originator dated 29 April 2011:

"I honestly believe that a Guild of Catholic Bloggers would help those of us who blog grow closer to each other in love. We would be able to meet face to face, in the real world, and get to know one another as Christians should. We could care for each others' needs, physical and spiritual, and pray together in unity and peace. It might be possible to use Guild meetings to seek reconciliation and forgiveness - for, in the heat of online arguments, it can be too easy to fall out or say things that are designed to hurt. A Guild of Catholic Bloggers could also arrange for spiritual retreats and conferences, or workshops designed to get the most out of blogging. It could also facilitate talks by experienced and holy bloggers, who would be able to guide those who wish to turn their blogs into tools of the new evangelisation or aids to holiness".