Friday, June 10, 2011

Paix Liturgique: Enquiry into EF provision in the Diocese of Angouleme

In its letter 286 Paix Liturgique begins investigations into the four French dioceses that have no provision for the EF at all. They are Langres, Mende, Viviers and Angouleme. The PL  letter arrived in my inbox this morning and conveyed the results of its first enquiry and was therefore of particular interest to me since Angouleme is my home diocese. PL describes the usual methods of keeping the EF from resurfacing, that is the ones described by Una Voce in its three reports since the promulgation of Summorum Pontificum.. Unfortunately I haven't time to translate it today, but will work on it over the weekend. Also PL is going to conduct a poll in our diocese and I'll certainly publish the results of that as soon as available.

Langres is in the Haute Marne in the north and its bishop Mgr Gueneley is two years away from retirement.
Mende and Viviers form a skein of three neighbouring dioceses running west to east - Rodez, Mende and Viviers. Bishop Blondel of Viviers is four years from retirement.

Mgr Claude Dagens, Bishop of Angouleme

Compared with the other three bishops, Mgr Dagens indeed appears moderate rather then 'progressive'. He is certainly no traditionalist either in liturgical or sartorial preferences. He is 71.

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