Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The French priest who advocates the wearing of the soutane

Thanks to clues given me by Fr Michael Mary of Papa Stronsay, I've been able to discover the identity of this priest. He is another Fr Michel Marie (Zenotti Sorkine) and he is Cure of the parish of St Vincent de Paul in  Marseilles. The video clip which appeared on the 'Transalpine Redemptorists at Home' blog is from kto's series 'L'Esprit des Lettres'. Fr Michel Marie was interviewed on the programme because of his recently published book 'Man and Priest'.. To see the full interview, which tells you rather more about him and the success of his mission go to  this link. Once you enter the site, click on the kto programme in the right hand sidebar. Please be patient. There's quite a lot of preamble before  the proper interview.
You can read more about how Pere Michel Marie conducts his life and runs his parish here. Underneath the video, the combox is very revealing.

The Paix Liturgique Angouleme Diocese report translation is deferred but definitely not abandoned. That's the trouble with this Pontificate.There's just too much to deal with from day to day. I'm sure that occasionally the Holy Father himself is tempted to say the same. But he doesn't. And so we must press on.

Meanwhile thanks to Richard at 'Linen of the Hedgerow' for that clip of Cardinal Arinze on the subject of kneeling for communion.   Dear Bishops, please 'leave us in peace but not in pieces'.

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