Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Long overdue thanks and apologies to Pastor in Valle; reflections on the Rodez affair

I was alerted to the episcopal nomination of Mgr Fonlupt to Rodez , by Pastor in Valle's post on May 14.
If you haven't read that post, please do so. It explains why I found the news of such desperate concern, and proved, if proof were still needed, that there are people at the heart of the Vatican who are misinformed, deliberately or otherwise, by Nuncios 'in the field', and worse, that there are people there who are deliberately acting against the stated vision of our Holy Father. Simply, the Congregation for Bishops has announced a decision at total variance with Pope Benedict's repeatedly stated vision for the Church in the future. It is hard to believe that Cardinal Ouellet is a willing or knowing party in this most damaging situation and I suppose that there must be some around him who are laughing their way to the next general absolution.. At the very least, though, it casts doubt on the Cardinal's control of his Congregation. One can only pray that he has read the lettter from the Rodez priests, has realised that 'wool has been pulled' and has informed the Holy Father to that effect. It seems likely that it will be too late. But at least the Holy Father will know....................

It is easier to combat the wolves when you know where they are and what they are up to,  so that they may not sneak unawares into the fold and scatter the sheep. All the same one continues to pray that our holy shepherd Pope Benedict,  may not flee for fear of them.

I very much regret not having expressed gratitude to 'Valle Adurni' before now. I am really very sorry Father and can only plead pressure of work as an explanation of the omission.


Pastor in Valle said...

Thank you for this; there was really no need, though. I just thought, as you do, that the business stank. Every blessing &c.

Jane said...

Thank you for your blessing Father.

Unfortunately the olfactory verb claims usage in the present tense!

Genty said...

Well, we can name one of the other cardinals on the Congregation.
I don't know how it works - is there a vote, general discussion, or is it territorily divided up into smaller caucuses which choose the successful candidate for their continent?
I suppose I am asking how rigorous the process is, or whether it's the old boys network delivering.

Jane said...

I don't know the exact details of how they conduct their deliberations but the members have to go to Rome, I think, once a fortnight, so it would seem that all have a part to play even if it's only to listen to the recommendations from the country concerned. Exactly what they heard in this case the Lord alone knows.
The decision remains totally beyond human comprehension, particularly since it took ten years of negotiation before the Holy Father found no alternative but to remove a bishop with similar views.