Sunday, June 12, 2011

Transalpine Redemptorists at home

Transalpine Redemptorists at home
Basically this is a lovely update on the Chartres Pilgrimage at present in progress, but re. French traditionalists -
see particularly the clip from a kto recording of an interview with a young priest, telling the truth, as he sees it, about why French priests and nuns should revert to wearing the soutane and the veil.  For those who don't read French his message is, 'Priests and nuns should make themselves visible if they want to reach the people! ' I'll look at the kto list and see if I can find out the identity of the priest interviewee. Earlier this week a British blogger accused our home-grown traditionalists of being smug. This young priest is anything but smug. My own reaction is to feel that the only smuggery appears in the facial expression of the interviewer.


pelerin said...

Did you find which programme the interview came from Jane? I tried but failed. I wondered whether there was more.

Jane said...

Yippee! Yes, I've found out all about him. Quickest way is to send you to his website which I found. Click to enter it and you'll find access to the kto programme. The link to his site is now on Oasis bloglist 'De l'amour en eclats' I guessed from all the books in the background that the interview clip was from the kto book review series but I couldn't remember its name - 'L'Esprit des Lettres'. Anyway he's just published a book 'Homme et Pretre'. I'll probably do a post about him later this week.

By coincidence his name is Fr Michel Marie

pelerin said...

Well done Jane that was clever. I don't think I've even seen the kto book review series. I watched a film on kto yesterday about an order formed mostly of widowers - it was very moving to see how they had all found happiness again after bereavement as religious in a new order. It quite brought a lump to my throat....

pelerin said...

Thanks again Jane - have just watched it. That young Priest has so much enthusiasm - turning round that parish was amazing. And to be able keep the church open 12 hours a day in Marseille whereas here most have to be shut outside Mass. Amazing family history too going from his grandfather the Russian Jewish immigrant to him the Priest in just three generations.

I skipped the middle interview but watched the third one. I had never heard of Agnes de Nanteuil but as they said at the end her story should be made into a film.

I noticed they said that book shop was near St Sulpice - must pay it a visit when I get back on my feet!