Sunday, June 19, 2011

Saint Patrick's Breastplate

Thanks to the Internet, and I don't know what made me look, I discovered last night that at the year and date of my birth, the Church celebrated Trinity Sunday on its latest possible date. I regret never having been told this by my parents. I only knew that I was born on a Sunday. This newly found knowledge gave me an awareness of how my little life fits into the unfolding of human time, and with it a tremendous sense of peace, and of belonging in God's time. Deo Gratias.

A happy and holy Trinity Sunday to all my friends and readers.


pelerin said...

Beautiful pictures Jane and it was lovely hearing the prayer in gaelic too. Not understanding the words I could still appreciate the rhythm and sound of the language.

So today can be your official birthday - a great Feast to celebrate! I had no idea what day I was born on (until I looked it up just now!) though I did find out some years ago that it was one of the Feast days of Our Lady which pleased me.

Looking further I see I shared my birthday with Joseph Merrick the Elephant Man and it is Independance day in Burkina Faso. Also International beer Day. The things you learn from the Internet!

pelerin said...

Having time on my hands (!!!) have just looked up the last date for Trinity Sunday. So Happy Real Birthday tomorrow Jane - you can have a two day celebration! You beat me by just over a month. Twas a good year - we have a lot to be thankful for.

Jane said...

Thanks Pelerin. With my best wishes and prayers that you will soon have 'time on your feet' again, as well as on your hands!