Friday, June 24, 2011

Disappointment over lack of Internet coverage of Adoratio 2011

The only blog in my sidebar to report on Adoratio is that of Fr Simon Henry at Offerimus Tibi Domine. He was in attendance and has been blogging from Rome.
I went to his combox on Tuesday to say thank you and to ask him how Fr Mark's talk went. Fr Simon has not published my comment. I do hope this is an oversight.

I also emailed Fr Florian Racine, one of the Adoratio organisers, asking whether the Conference talks would be appearing anywhere online.He has not replied.

There is nothing in other places where one might have expected some reportage: NLM ?(they are usually up for anything that involves Mgr Marini and in the recent past have mentioned Fr Mark's work in several similar contexts); Zenit? Catholic Culture? Catholic Herald? Stuff just hasn't been sent out to them I suppose. Considering the illustrious reputation of most of the speakers, Cardinal Burke included, this near blanket of silence is quite astonishing. The Conference is now concluded. Maybe tomorrow the Web will be flooded with reports and texts. If not, a golden opportunity for evangelisation will have been missed.

The sharp pain of disappointment was dulled out of existence during Pope Benedict's Mass and Procession last night. Deo Gratias.




Fr said...


Your comment is there on the OTD blog - perhaps Fr H didn't have time to reply then and there:

Jane said...
Father: Thank you so much ....hope Fr Mark Kirby's talk was well received.
Any news of that?

God bless - have a blessed Feast of the Birth of St John the Baptist.

Fr said...

I have been excited by the snippets that have emerged from the Adoratio Conference and hope the talks will be duly published

Alas, I fear that (too) many of our Shepherds will be unmoved or uninterested by these conferences, and not much will change until mitres are retrieved from drawers and croziers are dusted down and passed on.

Some of the foot soldiers in black do their best, but it is very draining when one is surrounded by parishes where liturgical abuses are the norm, reverence for the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament is minimal, and the faithful can't understand why Father is insisting on being so "old fashioned"!

Jane said...

Thank you Fr:

Sorry, I checked before writing my post, and the comment was not there.
I realise Fr H must have been very busy.
Will look again after supper. In the meantime thanks very much for your helpful comment.

Jane said...


Your PS came through after my first reply above.

I'm sorry you seem to be in such a non-orthodox area. Please remember that every time there is incomprehension at your 'old-fashionedness', there are people praying for you, and thanking God that He sends us good sound priests into battle as foot soldiers. We are your field kitchen, your field hospital.
Agreed about the mitres and croziers.

With the assurance of my own poor prayers.

Pascal said...

Rorate shall be posting on the event!

Jane said...

Pascal: Thank you. RC is one of my daily check blogs. I'm still waiting!


AndrewWS said...

Funny, that. Our deacon was there and talked about it in his sermon for Corpus Christi this evening. First I'd heard of it even happening - and I count myself as a fairly well-informed layman.