Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I don't know why Fr Z pulled his post last night, but...............

That is, the one which gave his first reaction to the recent 'ad clerum' letter of Archbishop Conti. In case you didn't see it, the only proof I have of its existence is shown in my last night's combox conversation with Pelerin when I was trying to direct her to find it. I think it's possible that he removed it in order to make absolutely sure, or as sure as possible in these circumstances, that the priest who sent him a copy of the letter should be protected by anonymity. Fr Tim at 'The Hermeneutic of Continuity' says he received a copy too. Damian Thompson (Holy Smoke) also saw it, although he gives no clue as to how it came into his hands.

It really does seem as if we should let this thing take it's course, and that there is at least one priest, probably in the Glasgow Archdiocese, who is upset by his Archbishop's  expressed opinions and manner of 'dealing' with the SP and UE, and that over a long and gruelling period of timei. In the deleted post Fr Z said that the priest had pleaded with him not to be named. I'm sure we all want to do our best to respect his wishes.

But  attention is now riveted on our nuncio, and the eventual appointment of Archbishop Conti's successor.. Surely that can not be too far into the future. Prayer and fasting will continue to mark our days.

I read quite a fanciful notion on 'Rorate Caeli' tonight, namely that Pope Benedict has been told by his Guardian Angel that he has at least another ten years to reign and that he will therefore live longer than Leo XIII who died at the age of 93. The person who said this doesn't give any proof of what I'm sure we all pray will be the case.  Actually I have often wondered how Pope Benedict can be so calm, unhurried and serene. He may well have had conversation with his Angel, but he also has the faith to know that he will be allowed to remain with us as long as he can be effective in his God-given work.

Ad multos annos, dear Holy Father.


Richard Collins said...

There seems to be quite an amount of support for ++ Conti and his ad clerum. I find this very hard to comprehend. It was, to my mind, a most disloyal (to say the least) statement.
But some Catholics do not seem too bothered by this.

Jane said...

You are obviously braver than I am. I haven't read anything like that. Is it the Tablet, or what?
It was not only disloyal, but dare I say it, DISOBEDIENT and expressed in the most churlish and crafty terms.
There's a gutter-snipish tone that I find really upsetting from a bihsop's mouth. I would go so far as to say that it was uncouth.

Are these 'some catholics' those who responded to the Holy Father last September? Or what are they? The sooner they realise, or admit, that they are Protestants and stop claiming to be Catholic, the better. I really do think that's the nub of the problem. The Catholic in the pew does not realise that he has been protestantised.

Enough for tonight!!

God bless,

God bless,

Richard Collins said...

The thread begins on Tigerish Waters but I have seen blogger comment on several other sites.

Jane said...

Thanks for the link Richard.

I was feeling a bit tigressish myself last night.


Tom said...

To adapt a well-known saying, "Hell hath no fury like a would-be cardinal scorned". Sounds like he hasn't got over the shock of the red hat going to the other side of the M8 - where orthodoxy now reigns.

Pity, really, as he is apparently quite orthodox himself in other areas, and I'm sure he himself has celebrated the EF on occasions in the past.

A Catholic Comes Home said...

Jane,please pray for Fr Hunwicke.

Jane said...

Have just caught up with Fr Hunwicke's news via the Catholic Herald site.

Certainly I am praying for him.