Monday, January 25, 2010

Archbishop-elect Leonard: 'Salt & Light TV interview

There's a sidebar link here to 'Salt and Light TV' but it's probably quicker to go to the kto programmes page and click on video to the left. The interview, conducted by Fr Rosica, is in French. It is worth watching even if you don't understand what is being said. The personality of the Archbishop-elect simply bursts through the language barrier. It is an extremely warm and good-humoured interview, both parties being totally at ease, and it completely reverses the impression one may have formed via other media, that Bishop Leonard is simply a rigidly formal ritualist and nothing else. He emerges as one with a great love for the Word and evangelisation, for the Eucharist, for our Immaculate Mother, and for the Church. Like Pope Benedict, he too, first thought of the call to priesthood in early childhood. Unlike the Holy Father, he did not have the strong guidance of his father, who died during WWII before he was born. He pays tribute to his mother, a woman of simple faith, who brought him up 'normally' as a Catholic. He also speaks at some length of his relationships with Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI and tells us that he preached the Vatican Lenten spiritual exercises in the Jubilee Year before Pope John Paul. He shares how he felt on hearing the news of Pope John Paul's death, and his joy at the election of Benedict.

It is said that the Vatican has two primary questions about any bishop who is being put forward for higher status within the Church. One, is he loved by his priests and two how many seminarians are in his seminary. Well, in the case of Bishop Leonard I don't know the answer to the first question, but I learn from another source that of a total of 35 training for the priesthood in the whole of Belgium, 17 come from the diocese of Namur, which he is about to leave for Malines Brussels. This probably answers the first as well as the second question. I also read, or perhaps it is in this interview, that he stresses the importance of regular visitations to all the parishes of his diocese, and that he is assiduous about this. If only all bishops to whom this presents no difficulty, would take this leaf from his book.

May God bless Archbishop Leonard and strengthen him in the hard work that lies ahead of him. He is 75 but looks strong and healthy. Ad multos annos!

Next post should be a reminder about the new invocation for the Litany of the Blessed Virgin. I still intend to write to the Holy Father about this, but the letter has been delayed by other matters, both on and off blog. Bishop Williamson after that, Linguistics of Journalism after that, and after that, and after that..................!?


David A. said...

There's a sidebar link here to 'Salt and Light TV' but it's probably quicker to go to the kto programmes page and click on video to the left.

Sorry Jane, I'm interested in seeing this video but your 2 suggestions about where to go to view it confound me...

I'm probably being a bit dumb but please give another clue.

Jane said...


Google 'ktotv'
click 2nd item on page that comes up i.e. Programmes
to the left, and slightly below the menu on this page is the video sceewn to click.
If still problems, get back to me again! Good luck!

Jane said...

Sorry David, I've just checked and it's on their Accueil page, which is the first item on the Google list.

Don't forget Papal Vespers this evening on kto direct from Rome. 4.30pm UK time! Go to Accueil for the 'direct' screen.

David A. said...

Ok, I found it. I shall copy the link

pelerin said...

Thanks Jane for the info on the kto interview. Shall watch later. I recently watched a short programme (can't remember where!) showing the new Archbishop talking to a small group of children at Christmas time. All very informal and delightful.

As I know absolutely nothing about the church in Belgium (and very little about Belgium!) it has been interesting to see the amount of interest this new Archbishop has created on the Catholic English language blogosphere - or perhaps I just read the 'right' ones!!

pelerin said...

Have just watched the interview. Excellent . I enjoyed the question put to him 'What did your mother feed you all on?' as her four sons all became Priests!

Also the Archbishop's comment on the Church being a 'Multi-national' and the fact that he knew when he was appointed bishop by Pope John-PaulII that he was not the one wanted by what he called (using the English word )the 'Establishment.'

I presume the interview is several months old as he appears to have been interviewed in Canada during the Eucharistic Congress - I cannot find a date.

Jane said...

Pelerin, I think Fr Rosica refers to the most recent appointment. Will have to watch again. In the meantime more concerned at not having been able to spot one English or Welsh ++ or + at the Papal Vespers tonight, nor Rowan Williams for that matter. (Was amused that the French commentator referred to the latter as Mgr. Williams!) I'm sure I read he was going to be there.