Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Infants Baptized by Pope: Parents Reflect on the occasion

This moving testimony to faith, Christian marriage, parenthood, and Pope Benedict's affection and closeness can be read here. The reference to the babies' crying and babbling during the two hour ceremony, doesn't at all capture the effect of the sounds, which were more like a calling out. In the potentially daunting environment of the Sistine Chapel, they added to the dignified and loving family atmosphere which Pope Benedict's very presence and sacramental mien did so much to create.

Clearly he made a great impression on the mother of newly-baptized Gabriel Grilone. "I like the way..... he expresses himself with little gestures...........Those who do not see him personally do not notice these little details." (Oh yes, we do!!!) "Even though he didn't know us he expressed much affection with his look. I will always carry this in my heart, my whole life." Actually, you can see this happening on the video. It is hard to watch the tenderness with which the Pope baptizes the children and welcome their parents, without coming close to tears. It is no surprise that little Gabriel's mother felt as she did.

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