Wednesday, January 27, 2010

General Audience day in Rome: No ad limina news

Perhaps tomorrow. Will follow the Bollettino which usually comes up after 11am, and then the VIS email at 3pm-ish . (Both Italian/French times)

The audience was wonderful - on St Francis of Assisi.
Have a new student coming for prelim. visit this pm. May post this evening, but if not tomorrow, as indicated above, DV.

Thank you for your readership and comments which are much appreciated.


sandy said...

See Damian Thompsons Blog,today.

Jane said...

Sandy: You imp! Thanks for the tip! As I say on the comment just made there, I don't usually look at HS until later in the day.

God bless.

sandy said...

Didnt want you to miss it Jane!
Thought maybe someone would have the answer.What a mystery!