Friday, January 8, 2010

Latest Epiphany post; belated mantilla twitch to Mulier Fortis; Fr Tim takes some Roman time;Tissot tomorrow D.V.

The latest Epiphany post describing my second four joys of the Solemnity is now up on the SMP blog.

In my haste to post about Fr Tim Finigan's doings in Rome, I omitted to thank Mac for having posted about it on Mulier Fortis. Mea maxima culpa and a belated mantilla twitch to you Mac and thanks as always for your blog. (As for your post about the complexities of the old 'Pie', I'm sure others will enlighten you. But if they don't I'll comment as soon as time allows.)

On his blog, 'The Hermeneutic of Continuity', Fr Tim has published a most moving and illuminating post about his reactions to the experience of assisting as sub-deacon at Cardinal Llovera's Mass. These were such that instead of going on the organised conference pilgrimage to the shrine of St. Bonaventure, he decided on a private day in Rome. Judging from the itinerary he chose for himself, it will have been most necessary and fruitful, and an opportunity that comes too rarely to any parish priest, least of all to Father Tim with his multifarious commitments. May God bless and strengthen him and may Our Lady protect him always.

I hope to post about Tissot tomorrow.


Mulier Fortis said...

Not a problem at all!

I am now just ploughing through my Saint Andrew's Missal, which is a veritable mine of information about privileged Octaves, doubles, greater doubles, semi doubles etc. etc...

(I've now done January and February on my personal calendar... I'll then go back and add days proper to England & Wales... and then I can add the moveable feasts...


Still, after that, it'll just be the moveable feasts which need to be entered!

Jane said...

Thanks Mac, that's a relief.

Yes, the St Andrew's Missal is a treasure. Have recourse to it at least once a week, mostly for comparative purposes. More often than not these produce an odious result. On the other hand I think the Church has a real problem with having these two diffferent calendars.

'Sigh', as you say. Prayers for your researches.

God bless.