Friday, January 22, 2010

Today's Papal audience update.

Just arrived by email from Vatican Information Services:

Pope Benedict today presided a meeting of all Dicastery Heads in the Bologna Hall and this evening will receive Cardinal Levada (CDF) in private audience.

Two days before the Ad Limina visit of the E & W Bishops Conference, these meetings may be coincidental, but I hope Laurence finds them comforting, as do I!!!


Optatus said...

Thanks for that information. I only hope that HE Cardinal Levada has with him a dossier. In that dossier, I hope and pray, is a letter from yours truly with a hard copy of a sermon preached last year by a Metropolitan Archbishop at the Requiem of one of his own priests, against the Pope of Christian Unity's endeavours to reconcile the SSPX to Holy Mother Church.

I received a cordial thank-you from Cardinal Levada

Jane said...


Thank you for this. I join in your prayers wholeheartedly. If your letter didn't make it, I'm sure several others will have done so, by various routes.

You may have gathered from both my blogs that I've given myself almost two days in retreat. As soon as possible afer return,(late Sunday) I hope to post more detailed answers to several of the recent contributors in the Oasis combox.I hope you'll be on the watch for these!

God bless and thank you again,
In Christo pro Papa,