Thursday, January 28, 2010

'Sour old snapper' gets over 500 pageloads in one day. "It's a mad world, my masters."

According to one 'cumanus' on Holy Smoke I 'come across as a sour old snapper'. And then 'JohnHenry' chimes in and says perhaps it should be monkfish. I suppose the latter knows that monkfish are so ugly that their heads are cut off by the fishmonger before they are placed on the slab. I've examined my comments on Holy Smoke and really can find no justification for cumanus' claim that I am sour, or old or a snapper. Well yes, I'm fairly old, but I don't think he knows that.

I'm grateful to Damian for advertising this blog. And I accept the above insults although I think they are totally unjustified. However, there are some nice people there, for instance Mystic Mouse. When most of the commenters on Holy Smoke began to make light of the issue of our bishops' absence from the ecumenical Vespers, I thought Damian should close the thread. Instead I made the mistake of commenting about the lack of seriousness displayed in his combox. And boy, have I suffered for it.. Just because there is no news, it should not mean that the matter cannot be debated as to why our bishops were absent. Never mind, maybe a few of the 500+ pageload people today, will stick with me, because I tell you, it will be a long time before I am tempted out of the Oasis again!

btw on Holy Smoke I'm 'Donanobispacem'

God bless all here.


sandy said...

If you are a "Sour old Snapper",I must be a "Sad old Trout".Keep up the good work Jane!

Londiniensis said...

Being gratuitously insulted in the comments on Damian Thompson's blog is an accolade to be prized!

Jane said...


Yes, I thought as much, but didn't want to be prideful in claiming the award!!

Annie said...

Go Jane!! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,

I found your blog from the Holy Smoke link and shall henceforth be a regular.

I read Holy Smoke almost everyday and it can be infuriating at times because of the sneering sarcasm and point scoring. But every so often one finds a real gem or a contributor that is the real article (such as Mystic Mouse)which makes the site compulsive viewing.

Jane said...


Thanks and welcome. I agree with your assessment of Holy Smoke, but it's usually an act of self-preservation to stay out of the combox! I'd stopped commenting there months ago, but yesterday had to go in to thank Damian and to give notice that I'd corrected an earlier mistake on here. btw, I most certainly endorse your view of Mystic Mouse.

God bless,

NonAngelusSedAnglus said...

I also found your blog via Damian's site and just wanted to say keep up the good work!

Holy Smoke once printed an article I had written (in jest but to make a serious point) about the Mass and I had half a page of insults directed to me.

Damian did apologise to me but I found it amusing - as Londiniensis says, it is an accolade to be prized!

Thanks for spotting the (lack of) bishops and let's keep them all in our prayers.

Jane said...


I don't have any plans to quit!! Thanks for your encouraging comment. Yes, it's funny, but there's a sad irony in the fact that many of the commenters are Catholics and are frequently guilty, as on this occasion, of the very offences of which they accuse me.

As for the bishops, I've just finished a Novena for them but as they are still in Rome, I'll have to start another! Yes, they are in my daily prayers in any case.

Thanks again,