Monday, January 25, 2010

This evening's Vespers: No English/ Welsh bishops, no Rowan Williams?

If anybody else watched the Papal Vespers, can you comment and say whether you spotted anyone. I'm sure I read somewhere that Rowan Williams was going to be there. As it was his Roman representative read the lesson. I should have thought that if Archbishop Nichols had been there the camera would have lighted on him at least once. Nothing that I saw. Or do ad limina bishops go into retreat whilst in Rome? Education, someone please?!

In the meantime, please remember last night's Litany.

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pelerin said...

I watched some of this evening's Vespers (on kto) though have to admit that I was doing other things too for some of the time. Did not spot the C of E Archbishop either, nor Archbishop Nichols and certainly did not hear their names mentioned at any time although Christian Unity was mentioned of course as it was the last day of Christian Unity week.