Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Archbishop Nichols on Vatican Radio; Fr Blake understands bishops all invited to Vespers

Zenit has full text of the interview. See here
Thanks to Fr. Blake for his understanding (posted on his Saint Mary Magdalen blog) about the bishops having been invited. Father's post was not there when I last posted on the subject at 8.42pm last night, nor when I went to bed about 10-pm UK time. Had it been, it would have served only to increase my misgivings, as it most certainly does this morning!

If our prelates were invited and chose not to attend the Vespers yesterday evening, then at the very least they are guilty of extremely bad manners. Their lack of high profile attendance sends all the wrong messages about Unity, within the Church, let alone outside it.

If anyone knows that they WERE there, please comment to that effect and I will retract and apologise for my remarks. I will continue to follow whatever can be gleaned about the ad limina, and let you know.

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