Friday, January 15, 2010

Cardinal Schonborn's recent 'private' pilgrimage to Medjugorge

How can a pilgrimage be private when you are a high profile Cardinal and choose to celebrate Mass in public and to speak to the faithful in a homily which could be interpreted as favourable to the alleged apparitions at Medjugorge? And yet Cardinal Schonborn said it was private.

I find it hard to believe that his Eminence could have been so naive as to allow himself to be manipulated by the pro-faction in the place. The fact that there are two opposing views surrounding the site is worrying enough in itself. With the Church in the process of trying to settle the matter, it seems distinctly unhelpful for a Cardinal to go there at this moment unless specifically and officially sent by the Holy See to investigate matters. But no, his Eminence said it was private.

Perhaps he is not yet web-savvy enough to know that the days when such actions could be private, are well and truly over. That said, were the Cardinal's actions merely ill-judged, deliberately provocative, or a blind for the schemes of other 'heads' in the Vatican, not, I hasten to add, THE Head, who received said Cardinal in audience today? I trust Mgr Ganswein was at the ready with his trusty 'flit-gun'* contra all the would-be flies on the wall!

Also to be noted is the circumspect, but nevertheless intrinsically critical reaction of Cardinal Saraiva Martins to his 'brother's' actions, see here . Cardinal Martins is sceptical about Medjugorge, but is clearly upset at his 'brother's' lack of courtesy to the local Ordinary, (who has also complained) in arriving in another bishop's diocese completely unannounced. It's difficult to know how a Cardinal could behave in this way, particularly one who is 'nobly born'. Cardinal Schonborn is the son of a Count of Bohemia (now the Czech Republic, where he was born.) He is an aristocrat. In England we used to say, that nobility is demonstrated not by your blood, but in your behaviour, particularly towards those whom the world perceives as your subordinates.

I've been puzzled about Cardinal Schonborn for some time. His attitudes seem equivocal. See his CV at Wikipedia, which isn't holy writ, but at least is usually a good factual guide. I also checked Cardinal Martins' there, and have to say which Eminence I would vote for if it were a question of unequivocal loyalty to the occupant of the Chair of Peter. Cardinal Schonborn was also at Ars a few months ago, presiding over an International Priestly retreat. The positive reaction of the priest retreatants, as demonstrated in the kto video which I chose as one of my Epiphany joys, warmed my heart toward him. But then with this Medjugorge news I became worried again about him.

The other thing is that Cardinal Schonborn is travelling rather a lot when you consider the recent news about Austrian Catholics deserting the Church in droves. See
This link, if it works (!) will lead to a more complete report on the Austrian situation.

IMHO it seems that Cardinal Schonborn would do better to stay at home and start being unequivocal in his support of our Holy Father, unequivocal in the Catholic faith. I'm told that when Pope Benedict (or perhaps God) chooses, he fixes people with a look that penetrates to their very souls, if their souls are receptive. I pray that Cardinal Schonborn may have been the privileged recipient of that look a few hours ago. We shouldn't forget either, that his Eminence was a pupil of Fr. Ratzinger many years ago.

Of course, the fact in this Medjugorge story, that Cardinal is seen to be opposed to Cardinal, is a fulfilment of the prophecy of Our Lady of Akita (Japan}, accepted by the Church relatively quickly as these things go, and whose Archbishop said at the time of acceptance, that Our Blessed Mother's message there was the same as at Fatima.

More on these matters as news dictates and/or time allows.

*Oh, and the flit gun? This was the precursor of the aerosol and will be remembered by anyone over the age of 50? Not sure they had them in Bavaria but I do like the idea of Mgr. G. brandishining one that began its useful life in Marktl am Inn, and is still in good working order.

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Fiona said...

Jane, I have no idea what to make of Cardinal Schoenborn at the moment. Not so long ago there was also that hideous "Youth Mass" that he presided over in Austria. If you haven't had the 'joy' of seeing it previously you can watch it at the following link:

It seems to me that His Eminence is becoming something of a 'loose cannon' which I think must be particularly troublesome for His Holiness considering, amongst other things, the fact that Schoenborn is former student of his.