Sunday, January 17, 2010

Heartfelt thanks for your appreciative and kind comments with a couple of points in clarification

  1. Truly I've been amazed at the favourable response. You certainly made the old girl feel of some use when the chips were down! And some of you weren't even known to me until this, what shall we call it, erm, 'The Schonborn Hiccup"? Furthermore the statcounter tells me that it has generated the highest readership since Mark installed the 'gadget'. Anyway thanks to you all for keeping an eye on me.

    A couple of points though:
    First an answer to Epsilon's question about why I didn't post on Fr Blake's combox, drawing attention to my own blog. When I found Fr Blake's post it had already slipped into his archive. He posts so successively fast that even if you look twice a day, you are likely to miss something, which I did on the day in question. I don't think people go back to earlier posts much unless it's a matter of especial interest to them and Father only has one post per page. It was difficult late at night to know what to do, so I decided to post 'at home'. And I'm very glad I did.
    Second: Many of you seem to think that the lack of comments was my main concern. If you gained that impression, that's my fault and I'm sorry. No, I'm used to that and it doesn't bother me in itself, particularly now I have the statcounter. No, the main point of frustration was caused just by the way things are. It doesn't matter how well you post. If you are not well-known much of your hard work and dedication will be lost. Father posted briefly on a subject on which I'd spent a great deal of thought and time, and got a whole load of uninformed comments. I felt it would have helped to dispel ignorance if some of them could have read the Oasis. Never mind.

    The most important lesson I've learned from this is to continue the blog for those of you whom I know DO read it, and not to worry too much about the others. It's for the Lord and for you, not for me. btw, I referred to 'legs up' from the 'big boys' in my earlier post. I should have mentioned a very important girl, named Mac of Mulier Fortis who has always been a wonderful support to me, both technologically and spiritually. Thanks Mac!

    Anyway with the blessing of Fr Mark and Fr Michael, I simply can't give up, can I! To have their priestly support, answered my prayers as to whether I've been doing the right thing with the blog.

    I will now proceed with due caution.

    God bless you all. The sand-storm in this little part of the desert has died down thanks to you.

    Perhaps a post later about the Holy Father's visit to the Rome synagogue........but maybe I'll take Umblepie's advice and post less frequently. It's difficult because there's so much going on........ Also one of my correspondents has first hand news of what's going on in Haiti. That is the matter of first concern. They had a minute's silence in the Rome synagogue before all the speeches began...........


Roger Buck said...

Dear Jane,

I have now tried posting something three times to your email and got failure delivery.

Is there any chance you have the wrong email address there?

Anyway I hope you will not mind too much if I post my previously private email to your comments box.

This was written before reading your latest post, so that it may seem that I too have misunderstood somewhat.

Anyway herewith my original email, for you to display or not as you see fit:

Warm greetings to you from a fellow British on the continent (Spain) ...

As I indicated at your blog, I discovered you only yesterday with real interest and appreciation. A little more on this below ...

But first.

You write

"However, this instance proves that for a small blog like mine, it is very difficult to be noticed. One needs the occasional 'leg up' from the 'big boys' if one's efforts are to be worthwhile the expense of care and time one puts into the composition of posts, not to mention the careful research that I always do. "

Indeed. I know the feeling ...

Now I am most definitely not at all one of the big boys, but I thought I would say a couple of things.

I guess you will know about the big Catholic blog directories like St Blog´s parish and Catholic blogs ...

I have found them a little helpful but there is also this, which you appear not to know and for which you automatically qualify ...

I can´t guarantee amazing success, but I have been pleasantly surprised by it ...

Definitely worth it, if my experience is anything to go by.

And I see you are not listed there ...

Second I have added you to my own links list.

We are still a small site, getting perhaps on average recently 20visits a day. BUT we intend to put our ALL into this project and imagine we will attract more attention in time.

So although you are more established than we are, such a link might prove of value to you, sooner or later.

Finally if you felt able to give us (my wife and myself) a link I would be very grateful indeed to you.

To this end I will mention that I feel we have a fair amount in common. Not simply traditional Catholicism, but a loyalty to the Holy Father.

I appreciate your faithfulness to him very, very much and wish there were more traditionalists such as your self.

Also my wife and I are very very deeply interested in French Catholicism. Paray-le-Monial changed our lives forever ... and provided much of the inspiration for our site.

Again if you were able to link to us with this title: Cor Jesu Sacratissimum

and with this address

I should be very grateful indeed to you.

I look forward to discovering your blog further ...

God bless you, Jane and your good efforts ...

Roger Buck

A final PS to anyone else reading this, if you Jane do decide to publish this in your comments box.

We would appreciate any links anyone felt they could give us - and if you have a traditional site loyal to the Holy Father and the Magisterium, we will be very happy to reciprocate if you contact us.

epsilon said...

Jane - when I go on to Fr Blake's blog with I get 14 postings showing up

Is it possible that you are using a different extention to this url which may be curtailing the page to only one post?

Didn't mean to cross-examine you

Thank you for your very thoughtful and thorough postings and lovely links such as Vultus Christi

SANDY. said...

(understand THE CARDINAL has sent letter of apology to the Bishop of Mostar,after a visit to Pope Benedict)!!!!!!!!!!!

Mulier Fortis said...
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Jane said...


Which email address are you using? This one should work:

Please try it and give me the instructions again. I'll do everything I can to help.

That's very possible. Will look into it tomorrow.Thanks for your suggestion.
I have to say if it weren't for 'Vultus Christi', I wouldn't be blogging at all!

Sandy! Where did you get that news from?????!!!!!! Clearly the HF means business. Bodes well for the outcome of the E & W ad limina!

Mac knows I'm a techno-twit and I pray she will forgive me for accidentally publishing one of her lessons to me! But is a testimony to what I said about her!

God bless you all.

epsilon said...

This whole scenario is amazing! I have had Jane's blog on my list that I'm "following" for quite a while now, but I tend usually to go only to my "blog list" on a regular basis. A couple of day's ago I decided to include Jane and some others on my blog list. I also decided to try and join St Blog´s parish. Tonight I got an email from them welcoming me and they had links - I just randomly picked out a Dominican link from among them and found a youtube clip which mirrors an image I had just put up on my blog today from Gougane Barra (Cork being where I'm from originally) - sorry I'm rambling!

I'd like to use some of the tips here from Roger and Mac too if they don't mind?

That's fantastic about the Pope getting things done - I hope the Irish bishops will be next!

Annie said...

You were thinking of quitting? Shocking!! love and prayers x