Sunday, January 31, 2010

SSPX group attacks FSSP chapel in Mexico; White dove of peace refuses to leave Pope Benedict's presence

For more details of the first story see: and

WDTPRS is Fr Z's blog and extremely well known.
The first link above leads to the site of the Transalpine Redemptorists who live at Papa Stronsay in the Isles of Orkney. They may not be so well known but they run this beautiful blog frpm there, variously describing their community life , through words and striking photography, and offering wise and gentle spiritual counsel to commenters when the need arises. They are a group who returned to full Communion with Rome some time ago, having previously been connected with the SSPX. At least I believe that detail is correct. In any case they do follow anything that has to do with other groups of Traditional priests in full Communion, and also the SSPX which of course is still outside it.

This Mexican news is distressing, and if the accounts given here are correct, the behaviour of the SSPX group is to be deplored. I'm sure we will all pray that the matter may be amicably resolved and that it won't have any adverse effect on the talks going on in Rome between the Holy See and the SSPX. (I'll probably have more to say about the incident later in the week when I finally get round to Bishop Williamson's recent interview with an extreme right wing French politician.)

Now for the pacific and touching evidence of the behaviour of that dove.
Every year on the last Sunday of January, with the assistance of two adolescents who join him at his window for the Angelus, the Holy Father releases two doves into the skies above the Vatican.
Today, the second dove flew off and quickly disappeared. The first one however was evidently reluctant to leave Pope Benedict's presence and returned immediately to perch on his window sill. The Holy Father and the young people had noticed the bird was still there and instead of disappearing from view, turned their backs and appeared to be talking to someone in the room beyond. I wondered whether they were discussing whether or not they should recapture the dove for later release in a less daunting environment, a quiet corner of the Vatican gardens perhaps. The kto coverage ended at this point so I don't know whether recapture was attempted. Anyway the incident sweetened the sour taste left by the first story in this post.

Off now to report news of interest to the Spiritual Mothers of Priests on my other blog. After that I'll complete preparation of a little Candlemas surprise which will be posted here tomorrow on the eve of the feast.


sandy said...

Horrified by that debacle Jane!
A bit of verbal communication between them in the first instance,surely could have solved the perceived problem!
As to the Holy Father and the dove...
Well,we all know who is represented by a snowy white dove!!!!!!!

Jane said...


Yes indeedy, and on both counts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is there an update on this story yet? I do not understand the silence coming from the SSPX. As this story had been made public, they need to adress it - whether it be to deny it, or denounce the behaviors of those involved. BTW- the Bishop Williamson interview, as it turns out, is supposedly a false interview.