Friday, January 29, 2010

Easy Annulments major topic at today's Audience with Roman Rota

I found this news tonight at My VIS email did not come through this pm or I'd have been able to publish this sooner. You can probably find the Summary report at the Holy See's site - under Benedect XVI Audiences. It seems Pope Benedict, like John Paul II is concerned that too many easy annulments are being granted, particularly by Tribunals in the USA. I know this because in the early 80s, English Annulment cases had to go before the Westminster and Birmingham Tribunals and we were told that this was because of the Pope's worries about the USA. This delayed our results by six months.

I'll try to put up more links tomorrow but my pc system is playing havoc at the moment.
Goodnight, and God bless all here.

ps. I wonder if they discussed the case of Susanna Maiolo.


Patricius said...

Drat! Just when I was thinking of trading the missus in for a new model!

Jane said...

Thanks Patricius for ending my extremely long day with a chuckle.

Anonymous said...

As a faithful Catholic but one who has been hurt by the annulment process I do not find that funny at all. Please do not chuckle in public.

Jane said...

Anonymous: I too have experienced the Annulment process. I too was deeply hurt by it. It is painful and harrowing and one never forgets it, whatever the result. I'm profoundly sorry to have upset you.

My only excuse is that I've had an extremely unpleasant few days, as you will know,if you're the same 'Anonymous' who has already commented here recently. Maybe I was trying to escape from my own hurt feelings. Also I was answering Patricius , who I suspect was trying to cheer me up, and I wrote the comment in the small hours of the morning. Obviously my judgment was impaired.

Please accept my sincere apologies.

Actually, I was already thinking that perhaps I'd do a serious post about annulment, but I don't know. Perhaps it's too deeply personal. On the other hand, it may help others to understand what is involved And of course to prepare them if they are about to embark on it. I'd also thought of inviting others to ask me questions privately by email.

What do you think? I really would value your opinion.

Pax tecum,

Patricius said...

I am sorry to have caused any hurt. I suppose I tend to forget that few people are as fortunate as I. God bless you both.

Anonymous said...

Jane I'm a new 'anonymous' and a new reader. The annulment piece caught my eye at a bad time and perhaps I over reacted to your comment and that of Patricius. So my apologies. Every annulment case is so different and so personal I do not think it would serve any useful purpose to blog about it in general. My own feeling is that the process should be abolished. It offers false hope. I'm sure there are many lost to the Church over such issues.

Anonymous said...

Here is another "anonymous".

I did formally defect from the Catholic Church over its policies regarding marriage which are very liberal.

The annulment process is funny because, as it is practiced, it is a joke. It is used, primarily, as a means to find a way out of marriages. It was not intended to be that way, but that is how it has "evolved".

"Righteous" canon lawyers will always say otherwise but they are simply self serving.

To those of us who have watched the Catholic Church encourage and support adultery, the joke is on us and our valid marriages.

The real joke will be on all of those who are part of this corruption. Their day will come on the day of their particular judgment when they can no longer restrict and subvert the part of their consciences which yearn for truth and unity with their creator.

Catholic need to listen to those of us who can expose what goes on but who are denied any justice by our corrupted bishops and corrupted canonists who have their ears. The Pope lacks the integrity to hear us, personally, and to initiate a special inquiry into our accusations. He knows, I believe, many of his fellow bishops, many priests and many canonists would not likely survive close scrutiny of their actions and decisions, legally and pastorally. There is no accounting for those who are part of this corrupted process. They will face hell, I hope, ultimately as those of us who have lost everything have already begun our own hell on this earth.

Benedict could go a long way to bringing about justice, but he knows how deeply this heresy runs in the United States and he is not prepared for what would come to light. He is waiting, in typical Roman fashion, for those of us who have been terrible wronged to simply die.

He is a coward.